Grant for translators

This grant provides a financial complement for a translator engaged in a translation project into French of a particularly demanding foreign work, the book being intended for publication.
It is obtainable by Francophone translators, who have at least one translation published by a commercial publisher whose theme is the same as one of the CNL’s commissions. Its purpose is to help them accomplish their project of translating a foreign work into French for publication.

General eligibility criteria

Translators who fulfil all the conditions below may apply for the grant for translators:

  • one work (in the same language as the project presented) translated and published at the publisher’s expense into the French language
  • not to have been awarded a grant for translators by the CNL during the previous year
  • to have signed a translation contract with a publisher whose terms are in keeping with the ‘code des usages’ and stipulate a minimum remuneration of 20€ per page

The application dossier

The candidate must fill in the ‘grant for translators’ application form and send it to the department of creation with the requested documents.

Before beginning to constitute an application dossier, we strongly advise candidates to make sure it is eligible by sending their bibliography and the title of their translation project to the department of creation.

Application submission deadlines

The commissions meet three times a year.

Please see the calendar for application submission deadlines

Attribution criteria

All applications are the object of an expert’s report. The competent commissions give an opinion on each one.

Notice of acceptation comes with the proposition of an award, adapted to the difficulty and the length of the translation project.

In view these opinions, decisions of attribution, refusal or adjournment are taken by the President of the CNL.

Assessment criteria

  • interest of the work to be translated
  • quality of the translation sample
  • specific difficulties of the project
  • the candidate’s financial needs, considering the scope of the envisaged project and their financial and professional situation

Potential award amount

The amount of the aid varies according to the length and the difficulty of the work. It cannot exceed 7 000€.

Payment details

The sum is paid within two months after the decision of attribution.

Contact Information

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