Cioran bursary

Created thanks to Simone Boué’s legacy of the royalties payable on the work of her partner Emil Cioran, this bursary is awarded yearly to a Francophone essayist to permit the accomplishment of a personal authorship project (an essay of a philosophical, historical, literary or political nature).

General eligibility criteria

The candidate must be an author, writing in the French language, who has published an essay – i.e. a literary work of a personal nature, freely structured, not following any academic model) with a professional publisher, whose print run was at least 500 copies, on a subject of a philosophical, historical, literary or political nature.

The Cioran bursary cannot be obtained more than once by the same author.

The application dossier

The candidate must fill in the ‘Cioran bursary’ application form and return it, with the requested documents, to Jean-Pierre Cescosse, at the CNL department of creation.

Before beginning to constitute an application dossier, we strongly advise candidates to make sure it is eligible by sending their bibliography and the subject of their project to Jean-Pierre Cescosse, at the department of creation.

Application submission deadline:

31 January

Potential award amount

12 000€

Attribution criteria

The decision to attribute the bursary is made by a committee of four people (including the President of the CNL) who take into consideration the candidate’s previous works, the essay project, and finally, the candidate’s personal situation.

At the time of publication, the beneficiary must send two copies of the essay, after attribution of the bursary, and cause their publisher to include the following notice in the book: ‘The author received a Cioran bursary from the Centre national du livre for this work’.

The bursary must be declared as ‘BNC’ in the author’s income tax return.

Information and application form

The department of creation
Cioran bursary

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