Residency bursary

This bursary is intended for French and foreign authors and illustrators who have published at least one work (or translation) at the publisher’s expense, in the same category as one of the CNL’s commissions, who wish to undertake a residency project within an established structure, lasting between 2 and 6 months, in the context of a literary animation in which they participate, while developing an authorship project intended for publication.

General eligibility criteria

All authors, whether resident in France or not, may apply for a Residency bursary on condition that they fulfil all the following conditions:

  • in the same domain as the project submitted:

o for novelists, authors of children’s books, authors of comic books (scenarists and illustrators): to have published one work in the French language at the publisher’s expense with a print run of more than 500 copies

o for poets: to have published one work in the French language at the publisher’s expense with a print run of more than 300 copies

o for authors of works for the theatre: to have published one work in the French language at the publisher’s expense with a print run of more than 500 copies or, for a first application, at least two works that have been performed in public several times in a professional situation.

o for illustrators of children’s books: to have published two illustrated books at the publisher’s expense with a print run of at least 500 copies

o for essayists: to have published one work in the French language at the publisher’s expense with a print run of more than 500 copies or, for a first application, articles in at least three different reviews

  • Teacher-researchers cannot receive financial aid for authorship projects which enter into their domain of teaching and research.
  • Applicants having received previous aid from the CNL: prove that the project for which it was awarded was indeed published, and wait 24 months before making any new requests. If a previous application was refused, to have published a new work since that refusal. A new application may be submitted at least one year after the refusal.
  • • The residency establishment must give its agreement for the residency and transmit to the CNL its objectives, the conditions of accommodation and residency proposed to the resident-author. They must undertake to cover the costs of the candidate’s accommodation in the town where the residency takes place.
  • The residency project must be elaborated jointly by the author and the establishment. The programme must allow the resident author to devote at least 70% of their time to their authorship project and not more than 30% of their time to literary meetings about their work. If the author does not speak French, the residency establishment must guarantee the presence of an interpreter.
  • The residency must last a minimum of 2 months and a maximum of 6 months. This time may be divided once or, exceptionally, twice, into periods of at least one month, if the establishment and the author justify the necessity and the coherence of these interruptions in relation to the global project.
  • Each establishment can make only 3 applications at each session, not more than 9 per year. Residency projects organised by theatre companies are not eligible.

The application dossier

The candidate must fill in the ‘Residency bursary’ application form and send it to the department of creation with all the requested documents.

Before beginning to constitute an application dossier, we strongly advise candidates to make sure it is eligible by sending their bibliography and the subject of their authorship project to the department of creation.

A copy of your application dossier must be sent by the residency establishment to the Direction regional des affaires culturelles (Drac) in its region who will transmit to the CNL its opinion on the residency’s literary project.

Application submission deadlines

The commissions meet three times a year.

Please see the calendar for application submission deadlines

Attribution criteria

All applications are the object of an expert’s report and the Directions régionales des affaires culturelles are systematically consulted. On that basis, the competent commission gives an opinion on each candidature.

The commission proposes a residency from 2 months to 6 months. In view these opinions, decisions of attribution, refusal or adjournment are taken by the President of the CNL.

Assessment criteria

  • quality of the author’s personal project
  • quality of the author’s previous work
  • quality of the residency project and the programme of literary meetings elaborated by the establishment and the author
  • the suitability of the project in view of the author’s profile
  • the author’s motivations for the given project
  • the capacity of the residency establishment to accomplish its project and respect its obligations towards the author

Potential award amount

2 000€ per month of residency awarded.

Payment details

In one single payment, within two months of the decision of attribution, on presentation of the agreement drawn up between the residency structure and the author, and after verification by the CNL that the agreement corresponds to the project that was presented to the commission.

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