Our missions

  • Support and encourage the literary activity of French writers – via grants, subsidies, advance funding, or any other means.
  • Foster the publication or reprinting (by French enterprises) of literary works, via subsidies, advance funding, or any other means.
  • Encourage all modes of literary expression and contribute to the dissemination, in all its forms, of French-language literary works.
  • Contribute to the economic development of the publishing sector, as well to maintaining the quality of book and reading distribution networks, via economic assistance to publishing companies and bookshops.
  • Participate in showcasing and protecting French language and culture.
  • Foster the translation into French of foreign works, and the translation of French works into foreign languages.
  • Support literary events open to the largest possible audience, thereby bringing authors together, fostering reading, and book sales.
  • Intensify literary exchanges in France and abroad, and contribute to all activities promoting books and reading with a propensity to contribute to the distribution and dissemination of French books.
  • Support libraries, cultural institutions, and bookshops – in France and abroad – that order French-language books possessing a cultural, scientific, technical or francophone interest.