Subsidies for the promotion of the offer in bookshops

This subsidy is intended for Reference French Bookshops offering a broad range of quality editorial production to the widest possible public. It must be used to ease the financial burden on booksellers who regularly communicate on the quality and variety of their offer and to strengthen their cultural role.

General eligibility criteria

All commercial firms whose head office and establishments concerned by the application are on French territory may submit a request for one or more of their establishments selling books, if they fulfil the following conditions:

  • autonomy in their selection of stock
  • sales premises open to the general public
  • the retail sale of new books must make up a significant part of their annual revenue; not less than 50%. The retail sales of new books must amount to at least 150 000€
  • a wide variety of titles on offer in their premises; this is assessed by the minimum number of titles in stock, which must not be inferior to:

> 3 000 for a specialist bookshop

> 6 000 for a children’s or comic bookshop

> 6 000 for a non-specialist bookshop whose revenue from retail sales of books is inferior or equal to 600 000€

> 10 000 for a non-specialist bookshop whose revenue from retail sales of books is superior to 600 000€

A specialist bookshop is one:

  • whose annual turnover includes 50% of revenue from the retail sales of books in one editorial category with the exception of general literature. Moreover, this specialist editorial category must principally concern one of those supported by the CNL;
  • that ensures the presence of adequate staff for the sale of books; this is assessed by the relation between the personnel costs for those directly allocated to the sale of books and the book sales revenue, which must not be less than 12.5%.

For these three last conditions, the reference period is the fiscal year which ended during the calendar year preceding the request.

The application dossier:

The dossier, which should be presented by the firm, must include the following documents:

  • the appropriate application form duly completed
  • excerpts from the tax returns for the fiscal year ending during the calendar year preceding the request
  • documents certifying the firm’s legal status (RCS certificate)
  • all administrative documents deemed necessary by the President of the CNL

Firms having obtained the LIR label, and whose annual retail sales revenue from new books exceeds 150 000€, are exonerated from providing documents proving that they fulfil the quantitative criteria of eligibility, as they have already been submitted to obtain the LIR label. This exoneration applies the year they are awarded the label and the two years after, unless the CNL specifically requests updated information. Only specialist bookshops who have obtained the LIR label, and whose category of specialisation is one of those supported by the CNL, are eligible to receive the VAL (promotion of the offer) subsidy.

Submission of application dossier:

Application submission deadline: 31 July, 2013

Application dossiers are examined annually by the commission, in the month of October.

Before the CNL submission deadline, a complete copy of the dossier must be addressed to the Conseiller pour le livre et la lecture at the Direction regional des affaires culturelles (Drac).

Attribution criteria

Requests are examined by the Reference French Bookshop commission; advisors for the book and reading are systematically consulted. The President of the CNL takes the final decision in view of the opinions given by the commission.

Assessment criteria

Quality, diversity and regularity of operations organized around the book and authors during the financial year preceding the request. Signing and dedication sessions do not count as cultural animation policy.

Means deployed to promote the offer (backlist and new titles) and consolidate the bookshop’s cultural role: (diversity of the offer, sufficient presence of adequately trained personnel) in relation to the size of the bookshop and its location

  • The annual costs of these operations borne by the bookshop
  • Quality and diversity of the offer
  • A breakdown of the turnover in terms of the sales of new books, cash sales, stock. This assessment may be adjusted according to the category of specialisation and the environment of the bookshop

Potential award amount

Subsidies are fixed at 3 000€, 5 000€, 7 000€ or 10 000€.

Payment details

One single payment, after notification of the decision of attribution.

Contact Information

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